Add a Touch of Style to Your Child With a Gold Waistcoat

Add a Touch of Style to Your Child With a Gold Waistcoat18th July 2014

Here at SundayBest, we have spent a large amount of time researching what our customers are looking for in a christening outifit, which has allowed us to design and source all manner of outfits to suit as many people's tastes as possible. We have christening gowns, christening rompers, and christening dresses, along with a number of clothing accessories, which can be used to accompany the standard outfit, making it more complete. Many of the sets we have on offer are exclusively designed for SundayBest under the Rosemarie Tayler design label; and one such set is the Gold Waistcoat Christening Romper, which is, in our opinion, a stand out piece we have in stock, and makes a wonderful outfit for your young baby boy on their special occasion.

This outfit consists of four seperate pieces; the waistcoat, which is made of silk and a satin back; which coats a wonderfully made ivory silk romper - with cuffs and ankle cuffs which match the design of the waistcoat - which is bunched around the waist to give a "puff" affect to the legs of the outfit; and a satin cravat to give it the finishing touch; except for the matching sailor hat which completes the outfit. All of these elements to the outfit are handmade right here in England. It is also advised that you buy some nice socks and baby shoes to go with the outfit as well; although this isn't included.

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We specialise in quality christening gowns and baptism wear, made in England and have further enhanced our offering with the addition of our bespoke service. We provide a wide range of Baptism Wear and Outfits for your baby's special day. Our range includes: christening gowns, dresses, outfits, baby gown, shoes and accessories.

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