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Gold Tudor Gown27th June 2014

Gold tudor gownIf you're worrying about the upcoming occasion, and you still don't have an outfit for your baby, you should consider our Gold Tudor Gown. This timeless design has a generous skirt and a panel of silk which has been heavily embroidered with golden swirls for the stylish affect created. It is also not very constraining, so it may be an ideal outfit for a summer time christening, or for a long ceremony and gathering afterwards. It comes with a matching bonnet, which has also been embroidered with golden swirls, ensuring that you have a top quality outfit for your child's christening.

The Gold Tudor Gown has been made exclusively for SundayBest, under the brand of Rosemarie Tayler, as are the rest of the outfits within our exclusive collection. All of these outfits have been made in Northampton, England, all by hand. While there are many top quality outfits, this one in particular stands out as an amazing gown and outfit.




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