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If you have tried to contact us recently and not had a reply, it could be that we've tried to reach you but for some reason have not been successful. We sometimes use another email addres as a backup ( for correspondence, and you can also try to contact us here directly. In any event, if you've not been contacted by us within two days please check the messages below to see if there's something for you.  You are also welcome to call us on 01604-639229 and we have an answer phone which tells you that you've reached sunday best, and you are welcome to leave a message if we're not available, and we will call you back.

J. Sierra: Hello, you recently faxed us your order, but we've only received the last few pages - we have your credit card details, but no other info about your order, please fax or email us A.S.A.P so we can send you your order! Thanks.

Trehernsky: Hi. We've tried contacting you and your email preferences have been set to block our correspondence. Please change your preferences to allow, or email us with your telephone number and we'll give you a ring!

lady in Geneva: A lady has been calling me from a trading room in Geneva over the last couple of days - trying to reach a decision over which gowns to choose for her twin boys. We thought an order was being sent, but one has not been received - so please contact us if you still want to proceed.

all customers: If you have not received a response as you would have expected, please check that your antispam allows correspondence from sundaybest