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Customer Service

We pride ourselves in our customer service. We make every endeavour to meet our clients needs at what is often a tense and emotional time (on the birth of a new baby!). Also - because the purchase of a christening gown is such an important purchase, something we hope will be used around the extended family and down the generations to come, we are careful to ensure everything is just right.

To assist in our aim, we have a careful ordering and confirmation process. We would expect to acknowledge your order within 24 hours of receiving it and would usually ship out the day we received your follow-up confirmation. We only charge your card once we are ready to ship out, and we usually allow time to receive your confirmation that all is in order.

Orders are handled most speedily by us if we receive them over the Internet. You could always follow up with a chase-up phone call (we always like to speak to our customers "voice to voice") but we can process the order more easily by receiving it by form first.

Because we ship all over the world, email is an excellent communication method avoiding time differences and misunderstandings. Please feel free to email us about any concerns or queries. We enjoy this client contact time, and indeed have made some "pen-friends" over the years.

We receive many thank you notes which we appreciate greatly. We file them all in a "nice letters" file and leaf through it on days that don't quite pan out the way we'd intended!